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Survivalist Forums

How to Choose a Survivalist Forum


What does survivalist mean? It means a group of people joining in preparedness of catastrophe or disasters. The survivalists are also commonly referred to as peppers. The survivalist forum is purely a group effort. It is a support system to help each other and other people manage a disaster. However in any forum there are codes. Things you should do and things you should not do. It is no different when it comes to survivalist forum. Go to website for more info.


In any forum, more especially survivalist forum, you should not make the mistake of assuming everybody is there to help. People are malicious and selfish. They are just out to look for themselves. It is good to acknowledge this fact and accept it. Then move on. Move on and search for people you can trust. People you can rely on and get along with without any hiccups.


A family is everything. They are your rock when you are down. They are your driving force when you are aiming for a certain goal. Am sure you love your family very much. However as much as family can be a good pepper, there are still those members of the family who cannot. The members of the family that are selfish and love everything good to happen to them and always live for the drama. Avoid search individuals when form a peppers group. They will just bring down the forum because of their selfish nature.


The majority of the friends that are available currently are blood suckers. These are the kinds of friends that need you because they can gain something from you, not because they are genuine. They will hesitate to go out of their way and do something for you if it is not profitable to them. These kinds of friends are best left alone when forming a peppers group. If they cannot help in a normal situation, can they help in any catastrophe?


Find genuine peppers by going to the forum like a baking club, drama club or a book club. Recruit family members whom you know are selfless and would walk a mile for you. A family member you trust fully. Create a forum that is surrounded by friends who can be a great resource and love you like family.


What you need in the forum are love and trust. That is the bedrock of a successful survivalist forum. People who will lift you up when you do not even realize you need lifting. People who will see through your fake smile and offer genuine support through the challenges you are facing. To read more about this, go to